Weld North Education Professional Learning Community

Our Teachers Collective Forum (“TCF”) connects leading K-12 educators nationwide who are using digital technology to provide innovative and meaningful learning experiences in their classrooms.

Weld North Education Teacher

What is TCF?

TCF fosters communication, networking and thought-leadership among its membership of world-class teachers on the frontline of digital education. Through this complimentary and recommendation-based membership, TCF members have the opportunity to:

TCF Board Members can expect to:

  • Network with industry professionals from across the country to share experiences, challenges, and solutions, via a private Facebook group.
  • Participate in Quarterly Virtual Symposiums where members present insights on topics for wider discussion.
  • Attend an existing national edtech conference.
  • Receive donations of classroom supplies.
  • Get support and assistance with implementation development such as thought leadership pieces*, promotions or submissions for various industry events, and awards.

Learn More About TCF

Do you have questions about TCF or are you interested in becoming a member? We’d love to hear from you! Please email us at admin@weldnorthed.com.